Git branching support

Git branching support for a GRPC mock service allows users to easily switch between different versions of their mock service by specifying the git commit SHA or branch name in the URL. This is accomplished through the use of the "ref" parameter in the URL format.

Use cases:

  • Managing multiple environments: different environments (such as development, staging, and production) may require different versions of the mock service.
  • Testing new features: When developing new features, it can be useful to create a feature branch in the repository and test the changes in the mock service before merging them into the main branch.
  • Debugging issues: If an issue is discovered in the mock service, it can be helpful to switch to a previous version of the service to see if the issue still exists by specifying the commit SHA.

There is no limit on the number of mock service versions that can be online at the same time. You can bootstrap as many as you need.


# main branch endpoint:
# feature/issue1 branch endpoint:
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