Playground playground is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily send requests to a mock server and view responses in a user-friendly interface. You can use it to test and debug your mock API endpoints, which can help you understand how the mock server is handling your requests and identify any issues that may arise. You can open playground using the Tools menu in the dashboard or using the direct links below:

User guide


Buttons reference

playground buttons

Quick facts

  • Currently, you cannot edit the YAML configuration file directly in the playground, so any changes you want to make must be committed.
  • Playground allows you to select mock services from GitHub accounts that have the application installed.
  • The .proto files used by the service are not accessible from the browser and are kept secure on the backend.
  • The request payload format is JSON only for both gRPC and HTTP playgrounds.
  • The JSON payload is automatically converted to the protobuf format for gRPC requests using gRPC JSON transcoding.

Demo playground

There is also a demo playground that does not require a user to be logged in.